Update famine / hongersnood in Kenya

Update famine/hongersnood in Kenya:

A message of thanks from Kenya 

Thanks you Johan

With the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is leading us to  the needy people of the community and really you are a blessing because women, children and old men can have something to give their family. My responsibilities is to make sure my assignment is to reach this needy and poor people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and feeding them as Jesus did. Out of feeding this people one village the church is planted glory be to 70 people were able to attend the Sunday service. I'm trying to reach every affected village with food and surely the life is saved . Glory be to God


05 april 2019 : 

We have, with your help, already provide food for more than 2500 people and trucks full of water also go to two villages.

We hebben met jullie hulp al 2500 mensen van voedsel voorzien. En vrachtwagens vol water gaan ook naar twee dorpen.


08 april 2019 : 

Second village receiving water


We are very gratefull for all the help we receive in finance and prayer

We zijn erg dankbaar voor alle hulp die we krijgen in financiën en gebed.