Dear brothers and sisters Shalom.

A warm greeting to you all.

We have something on our hearts, that has taken away our perfect peace!

We sent you the short clipp from below and Johan did that spontaneously!

We have always lived with the same principle as George Müller who had an

orphanage and told everything to the Lord Jesus but never to the people. In a

wonderful way the Lord provided to him as He always has done with us also.


Our coworker John from Turkana (Kenya) asked in the clip for more gifts for

their many needs. I should have been alert and not have sent that! We hope

and pray that you understand! We want to put this right so to continue to live

by faith in JESUS ONLY. We wish you a blessed season and what a miracle that

God became a man! We are united in that matchless love of our Lord Jesus!



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