Dear brothers and sisters Shalom.

Last month we were confronted with pictures of dying people because of starvation. The pictures are from Turkana in Kenya where we witnessed to the surrounding tribes and know those people. We sponsor orphans there. When those pictures came I taught Galatians two. In verse ten Paul writes that we should remember the poor. 

We have a faithful brother there called John who takes care of the orphans and helps us. He changes the money into food and sends us all the bills. The children make porridge for the babies and there are vans to bring the food to the tribes. In November I hope to go again to bring them the Living Bread. We are very thankful with your financial help. For that reason I can send these pictures. One day we see the full result of our labor of love. United in Jesus Johan & Linda and the believers from Turkana.

If you wanna support this you can send your money to Johan en Linda Schep NL27 RABO 0336 0181 42 mentioning Famine Turkana Kenya

Your money will be used fully for food and Bibles!!




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